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Axus Technologies professionally implements powerful solutions to improve wireless coverage using BDA/ERCES systems. During an emergency response, it’s critical that first responders are capable of communicating with one another without any signal drops. Axus Technologies can ensure that your commercial or residential building is covered to protect the public and first responders in an emergency.

Implementing a bi-directional amplifier (BDA), also called an emergency radio communication enhancement system (ERCES), is a critical component of life safety measures within a building. As a code-driven requirement that is typically integrated with the fire alarm system, BDA adheres to AHJ specifications to determine its operating parameters based on your local jurisdiction’s requirements. The installation of BDA/ERCES systems ensures that first responders can reliably communicate during critical emergencies without “dead spots,” or drops in signal that cut off communications due to inadequate in-building radio coverage.

Axus Technologies Can Implement Your Premier Coverage Solution to Your Buildings Coverage Problem

Over time, in-building signals may slowly deteriorate to the point where your life-safety measures are no longer up to the National Fire Protection Association and the International Fire Code’s regulations, or NFPA 72 and IFC 510. The degradation of radio signal within a commercial building can be due to your building’s constructed materials, below-ground structures, public safety radio frequency interference, and other miscellaneous obstructions that result in a poor in-building radio coverage range. Poor in-building coverage can be disastrous during an emergency response and potentially hinder first responders from responding within a timely manner.

The experts at Axus Technologies can provide you with BDA/ERCES solutions to amplify your building’s in-building radio coverage range with DAS technology, otherwise known as Distributed Antenna Systems. These solutions can protect building occupants and first responders in critical emergencies to ensure constant communication capabilities between first responders without drops in coverage.

On-site Surveys for Buildings

Axus Technologies can provide on-site surveys for buildings to determine if their radio coverage extends up to code. In the event of an emergency, it is critical that first responders have upstanding communication capabilities. Our on-site surveys can determine whether your building is in need of a BDA/ERCES system. For each survey site, we implement high-quality public safety network coverage tools. These tools include the PCTel SeeGull IBflex scanning receiver and PCTel SeeHawk Touch data collection software.

We provide fully certified effective technological solutions to amplify in-building radio signals to buildings throughout Florida and Northern America.

Excerpts from the Florida Fire Prevention Code

According to Florida Fire Prevention Code, Authority-Having Jurisdictions (AHJ) can regulate and mandate adequate signal strength for fire department radios within any existing or new building. For existing hi-rise buildings, the Florida Fire Prevention Code will require compliance by January 1, 2022. You can contact your building’s local Fire Code Official to determine how your code is being enforced within your building’s jurisdiction.

Florida Fire Prevention Code (NFPA 1)

11.10Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems.

11.10.1In all new and existing buildings, minimum radio signal strength for fire department communications shall be maintained at a level determined by the AHJ.

11.10.2Where required by the AHJ, two-way radio communication enhancement systems shall comply with NFPA 72.

As outlined in the Florida Statute § 633.202, (18), The authority having jurisdiction shall determine the minimum radio signal strength for fire department communications in all new high-rise and existing high-rise buildings. Existing buildings are not required to comply with minimum radio strength for fire department communications and two-way radio system enhancement communications as required by the Florida Fire Prevention Code until January 1, 2022. However, by December 31, 2019, an existing building that is not in compliance with the requirements for minimum radio strength for fire department communications must apply for an appropriate permit for the required installation with the local government agency having jurisdiction and must demonstrate that the building will become compliant by January 1, 2022. Existing apartment buildings are not required to comply until January 1, 2025. However, existing apartment buildings are required to apply for the appropriate permit for the required communications installation by December 31, 2022.

Stay Up to Code with Axus Technologies

Axus Technologies is proud to provide powerful solutions to ensure BDA/ERCES systems within your building are up to fire code regulations and future requirements. Standards for in-building communication capabilities are expected to increase, as outlined in UL-2524, signifying that radio coverage range requirements will only continue to be enforced. By increasing your coverage range with Axus Technologies, your commercial and residential buildings can be fully covered in emergencies.

Call Axus Technologies Today!

Reach out to Axus Technologies today if you’re in need of high-quality solutions to enhance BDA/ERCES systems for your building. The experts at Axus Technologies can professionally ensure strong BDA/ERCES coverage by implementing our powerful networking solutions. Contact us or give us a call today at (813) 922-2323 to speak with one of our experts and schedule an assessment!