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What’s a Zero Trust Network?

What’s a Zero Trust Network?

Zero trust network technology is the core form of IT security today.

Security is one of the most crucial components of commercial IT. Information technology changes rapidly, and with it, security technology must keep up to protect valuable data 24/7. More and more, data has become spread across vast and multiple regions around the world, which is why a zero trust network is more necessary than ever.


What Is a Zero Trust Network?

A zero trust network implements zero trust technology, a security model that requires strict identity verification in order for people and devices to access data. Traditionally, private networks would encompass data and devices alike, trusting all device users by default. However, if someone infiltrates one device, he has access to the whole network. A zero trust network isolates every user and provides one with only necessary data from the network.

History of Zero Trust

“Zero trust” had its beginnings in 2010, when an analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. first brought up the idea. A few years later, Google implemented this security model, which led many other companies to do the same. Today, zero trust security is a core component of commercial IT security systems.

Zero Trust Security Principles

How would one identify a zero trust network? While it doesn’t associate with one particular technology, it does have a set of principles and attributes. 

Overall, the network assumes that every user and device could be an enemy and therefore implements strict verification for each. Moreover, each user only gets as much data as one needs. Users are both isolated from one another and from much of the network itself, so even if one device is hacked, the hacker cannot access all of the data.

Another principle of zero trust is microsegmentation. Microsegmentation in a network is like a castle with many locked rooms. A user might be able to access one room, but will need separate authorization to enter another one.

The authorization itself isn’t as simple as one password, however. Users often need to provide two forms of verification, a concept known as multi-factor authentication (MFA.) In addition to a password, the user will also need to provide a code sent to a mobile phone or another device.


If your business network needs zero trust security, it has never been easier to implement. Axus Technologies can help you implement this and simplify your IT network overall.

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