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Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems

Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems

Florida commercial building owners need compliant DAS systems; Axus Technologies can help.

Communication is critical in providing safety for occupants and first respondents in a fire. Commercial buildings must uphold strict qualifications for fire safety; as a Florida commercial building owner, you likely know that the installation of two-way radio communication enhancement systems is necessary given the Florida BDA statute. Here’s all you need to know about it and how Axus Technologies, located in Tampa, Florida, can help.

Don’t Delay Your Building’s NFPA72-2013 Compliance!

According to the Florida BDA statute, all commercial buildings, including multi-family, education, governmental, and high-rises, must apply for the permit to install two-way radio communication enhancement systems to become a P25 compliant, NFPA72-2013 compliant, and LEED-certified building. By January 1, 2022, all commercial buildings have to show this initiative to become compliant, less than a year away! All existing buildings will need to comply with NFPA72-2013 regulations by January 1, 2025.

The Purpose of DAS Systems

The purpose of implementing these codes is to promote even better fire safety for commercial occupants and first responders. Unfortunately, many modern building designs and construction methods make it highly difficult or impossible for County 911 centers and first responders and other occupants to communicate. With the new two-way radio communication enhancement systems, also known as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), in place, they will be able to bypass those restrictions, make life simpler, and directly improve a fire department’s response in an emergency. 

Two-Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems

How exactly do they work, and what’s involved? As mentioned above, a two-way radio communication enhancement system provides two-way radio communication throughout the interior of a commercial building with the outside County 911 center. With DAS systems, specific BDA (bi-directional amplifiers) are placed strategically throughout the building along with indoor antennas. DAS systems must not interfere with other radio systems like television, radio, satellite, and cable as regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.)

Design to Maintenance

An LEED-certified building needs a qualified company like Axus Technologies to fulfill Project 25 (P25) requirements in designing, installing, repair, and maintaining their DAS system. The same third-party integrator will need to perform a spectrum analysis grid test, a BDA survey, and a Building RF survey and submit the results in a national database managed by the FCC.

Call Axus Technologies!

If you have not yet fulfilled the Florida BDA statute, don’t wait! Axus Technologies can provide everything from P25 design, installation, maintenance, and repair, to your building’s grid test, BDA survey, and Building RF survey, all keeping code-compliant with the FCC. 

Contact Axus Technologies for Your Commercial IT Needs

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