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Cloud Phone Systems

As business continues to evolve, firms need their basic infrastructure to keep pace with their network and processes to foster a spirit of collaboration. While legacy PBX systems have had their time to shine, today’s modern office is no longer confined to a single geographic area. As a business with offices around the world, or simply one with no designated physical office space at all, you need a phone system that is able to work no matter where your employees happen to be. That’s where a cloud phone system can step in! Cloud phone systems take the basic concepts of a PBX system and infuses it with the freedom and efficiency that the cloud can provide. Axus Technologies is a leader in developing customizable, scalable cloud phone systems that help businesses of all sizes stay connected.

Why Switch from a Traditional PBX to a Cloud Phone System?

Cloud phone systems are easy to use and add much more functionality to your telecommunications than a standard PBX system.

  • Easily Accessible – through the download of a desktop or mobile application, your employees will be able to connect to their office phone using any device. This is especially useful for businesses with a high volume of telecommuting employees.
  • Easily Scalable – as with many cloud solutions, cloud phone systems are easy to scale as your business expands.
  • Additional Features – a cloud based phone system can function almost as a virtual cell phone for your employees, with features such as a messaging client and video conferencing available

Axus Technologies Can Connect You with A Cloud Phone System Designed to Meet Your Needs

The team of experts at Axus Technologies knows that a capable phone system is still a crucial part of what makes a business successful. Our team can work with you to design and develop a cloud phone system that takes your processes and your needs into account. We will then implement, optimize, and integrate your new cloud phone system into your business and provide troubleshooting support if it is necessary.

Axus Technologies works with technology from industry innovators such as Cisco and 3CX to provide our clients with the best in collaborative infrastructure.

Call Axus Technologies Today!

If you’re ready to harness the power and agility of the cloud to update your business phone system, Axus Technologies is ready to help! Call us today to speak with one of our experts at 813-922-2323.