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Digital Health

The healthcare industry has experienced rapid changes in the way technology is implemented and used to better serve providers and patients. Medicine and the delivery of healthcare needs to be personalized and precise – anything from family history to current medications and current living situation can influence the effect of medication on an individual. Providers, for their part, are subject to stringent HIPAA regulations designed to protect sensitive patient data. A poorly implemented digital health strategy has the potential to severely disrupt operations, so you need a team with the experience and skills necessary to satisfy all stakeholders in your healthcare enterprise while staying compliant with all data protection regulations.

Axus Technologies has helped dozens of healthcare enterprises in Florida and throughout North America use the power of networking and the cloud to create smart digital health solutions that aid professionals and, in many cases, save lives. We can put our many years of expertise to work for you and your facility.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Health Solutions

When considering a digital health system for your enterprise, one thing to keep in mind is how the system will affect the experience of all stakeholders in your network. The patient experience is especially important as it informs much of the decision-making at a healthcare facility. You’ll need a system that encourages patients to engage with it on a deeper level – this provides insights that you can use to provide better care. On the other side, you have the experience of the clinicians, nurses, staff, and others at the facility itself. With a streamlined workflow and better communication techniques in place, your staff is in a better position to provide the great care your patients deserve. And the entire system needs to be tightly secure to protect critical sensitive patient data and comply with all federal and state regulations.

The Experts at Axus Technologies Can Help Your Healthcare Facility

At Axus Technologies, we understand that the successful implementation of a digital health system in your facility could literally save lives. Our team of experts is ready to help design, install, and integrate digital health solutions into your healthcare enterprise’s daily processes so you can provide better care to your patients and protect their sensitive data. Our support team is also available to help navigate any troubleshooting issues that could come up so your system works.
Axus Technologies works with leaders in the networking and IT fields, such as Cisco and Meraki, and Greenway Health, an IT company specializing in the needs of the healthcare industry, to develop custom solutions for our healthcare clients.

Call Axus Technologies Today!

If you’re ready to put the weight of the internet and the cloud behind your healthcare facility’s daily processes to put the needs and security of your patients first, Axus Technologies is ready to help! Call today to speak with one of our network engineers at (813) 922-2323.