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Smart City

Smart city technology uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather data, analyze conditions of the various facets of life in the city, and make decisions designed to improve the quality of urban living. The concept of the smart city is a natural evolution of the idea of the planned community – where once the needs of a community were planned out and addressed before construction, the smart city takes the city community as it is currently and uses technology and predictive analysis to help it develop innovative solutions to problems, primarily related to infrastructure. The experts at Axus Technologies are ready to help city officials develop the framework necessary to take advantage of everything smart city technology can provide to their communities.

Building the Technology Framework Necessary to Realize Your Goals

When city officials decide to invest time, effort, and money into smart city capability, it is understood that it will take a great deal of dedication and setup to achieve. There’s almost a full-scale change of culture that needs to take place in the community for a smart city initiative to succeed – there needs to be a total buy-in from key decisionmakers, the local Chamber of Commerce, residents, community organizers, and influential organizations.

Beyond the human element, a robust technology framework is also needed to provide the data and analytical tools necessary for officials to make the key decisions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Communications Infrastructure: Data needs to be able to get from the ground to your fingertips, so a comprehensive communications infrastructure is critical to the success of a smart city initiative. Wireless and wired broadband are key components of this structure.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI continues to revolutionize the way data is understood and analyzed, and city officials that wish to make the most out of their smart city initiatives need to harness this power to inform policy decisions.
  • U-City: The concept of the Ubiquitous City (U-City for short) promises access to public services through the use of a connected device. This ease of access can facilitate easy improvement of infrastructure and provide a level of agility never before possible to officials.

Axus Technologies is Your Technology Partner for Developing and Implementing Your Smart City Initiatives

At Axus Technologies, we understand the complexities of a comprehensive smart city framework and how to utilize IoT to provide city officials with greater insights on how to improve infrastructure. Our team of experts can work with you to design a smart city framework for your community tailored to the goals of your initiative. We will then implement, optimize, and integrate that framework into your current processes. Once implemented, our support team will be readily available to assist with any troubleshooting.

Axus Technologies uses products from Cisco, a global leader in the development and application of IoT technology, to design a framework customized to the needs of your community.

Call Axus Technologies Today!

If you’re ready to put the insights and analysis of smart city technology to work for your community, Axus Technologies is here to help! Give us a call today to speak with one of our expert engineers at (813) 922-2323.