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A business network is the backbone of any enterprise, and a well-designed, optimized network is the key to higher productivity and efficiency in your operations. But in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, a comprehensive network can grow to be very complex, requiring a dedicated group of professionals to implement, maintain, and integrate into your operations. Axus Technologies has helped businesses across the country build and optimize local area networks (also known as LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).


A basic LAN is created when various devices within a small geographic area, such as computers and printers, are connected together using ethernet cables or Wi-Fi to a network switch. You’ve likely already seen an example of a basic LAN in your own home, where your various devices are connected to the internet through your router. The LAN configuration is used in most commercial settings and it can be set up with various security and performance features to suit the needs of your office.


A WAN, on the other hand, covers a wide geographic area and connects multiple LANs together using special equipment designed for this purpose. This allows for a larger and much more intricate network and is suitable for businesses with multiple physical locations that need to communicate over a long distance. WAN technology can also be set up to allow users to access company network resources remotely, so it is also suitable for businesses with many remote workers.

Axus Technologies Can Assess Your Needs and Develop a LAN or WAN Solution for Your Organization

At Axus Technologies, we’re passionate about creating solutions to tackle the challenges that your business faces. Our team of experts can work with you to develop a LAN or WAN strategy that aligns with your overall objectives. First, our comprehensive assessment will identify key strengths and weaknesses in your current network, and with that knowledge our engineers will design a LAN or WAN infrastructure customized to your exact needs. Next, the infrastructure is implemented and optimized for efficiency and security. We’ll also help integrate your current systems capabilities into your new LAN or WAN and we’ll be available to help with any troubleshooting your new infrastructure may need during this critical phase.

Axus Technologies partners with Cisco and Meraki, two of the leading companies in networking hardware and software, to construct world-class LANs and WANs for commercial organizations throughout North America.

Contact Us for Your Network Assessment

If your enterprise is being hampered by your current networking capabilities, give us a call today to schedule an assessment. We can help your business stay on the cutting edge of the digital age with an expertly-designed, custom LAN or WAN infrastructure. Contact us at (813) 922-2323 to schedule an assessment with one of our expert networking engineers.