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Hardware and Software

As corporations and businesses of all sizes become more interconnected, the need for a complete security solution to address vulnerabilities has only increased. A data breach can disrupt your operations as well as the trust built up between your business and your customers. In many cases, these disruptive security events occur at the hardware and software level. Axus Technologies is an industry leader in developing complete cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes to help them protect their critical hardware and software.

There are many reasons why your company might be at risk of a breach and these reasons are equally applicable to large, global corporations and small, local businesses.

  • Use of old, unsupported hardware: Desktops, laptops, data servers, and more are designed to handle the vulnerabilities of the time of its manufacture, but unless you’re diligent, they usually don’t keep up with new risks that have developed since that time. In addition, at some point the manufacturer will simply discontinue support for their old products, putting your operations at even greater risk for disruption as time goes on if you continue to use them.
  • Use of old software/OS: Software also needs to be consistently updated in order to stay current with the latest risks, but as with your hardware, at some point the developer may shift their focus to a new product and discontinue support for the software that you use.

Axus Technologies Can Help You Protect Your Company’s Hardware and Software by Developing a Cybersecurity Solution to Fit Your Needs

Your operations are too valuable to leave unprotected. Axus Technologies specializes in designing and implementing security solutions to protect critical hardware and software. We start with an assessment that sheds light on your current security situation as well as your current needs. After designing your system, we then implement and optimize your security solution before integrating your systems with it. If there are any issues that arise, our support team will be available for any troubleshooting.

Axus Technologies works with leaders in the cybersecurity industry such as Cisco, Meraki, Checkpoint, and Palo Alto to provide the most effective solutions for businesses of all sizes in Florida and throughout North America.

Contact Axus Technologies Today to Start Developing a Security Solution for Your Hardware and Software

Don’t wait until a security event happens – the best protection is a proactive strategy. Contact Axus Technologies today to get started! You can speak with one of our security experts and schedule an assessment by calling (813) 922-2323.