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Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems

The protection of data and business-critical processes is a major concern for companies today. Now more than ever, threats can manifest and disrupt your operations quickly and, sometimes, without warning. Robust, well-developed security procedures are needed in both the physical and the cyber spaces – in cybersecurity, programs and devices such as firewalls help to protect your data from outside threats. In your physical location, video surveillance and access control systems are utilized to protect your business and data from insider threats.

Axus Technologies is a leader in developing security solutions to address the challenges of protecting data and processes from threats. We can help you utilize video surveillance and access control systems effectively to ensure that your data is only being accessed by the people that need to access it at the times you designate.

Providing an Intelligent Overview of Your Business Security

When combined with networking and AI technologies, video surveillance and access control systems can help you recognize exactly what’s happening at your business at any given time. The sophistication of modern video surveillance has grown to encompass technology such as real-time AI analysis, facial recognition, and instant access no matter where you are using apps. Footage can also be shared to any device, allowing for a robust security setup that can help you respond to any anomalies quickly.

Access control systems have also been enhanced through the integration of cloud into their operations. Employees can gain access to the areas they need to get to with the use of a traditional keycard or even a mobile phone and all permissions and access information can be managed using specialized software. This software can be used anywhere and can also easily produce the reports necessary for audits and compliance purposes.

Axus Technologies Can Help You Develop a Comprehensive Security Plan for Your Facility

The experts at Axus Technologies understand how important a good security plan is for protecting your data and systems from being compromised. Our team can help you harness the power of the latest video surveillance and access control system hardware/software to keep intruders away. We start with an assessment of your current capabilities to identify any strengths and weaknesses. Then we will design, implement, and optimize a security system custom-tailored to your needs. Our team will integrate the system into your current processes and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Axus Technologies works with hardware and software from companies renowned in the industry for their innovations with video surveillance and access control systems, such as Meraki, Verkada, Kisi, and Hikvision, to deliver peace of mind to our clients.

Don’t Wait Until After a Security Event Has Already Occurred; Call Axus Technologies Today!

The best approach to security in the business world is proactive. Don’t wait until your systems have already been compromised to formulate a plan! Contact Axus Technologies to speak with one of our security experts and to schedule an assessment. Call us today at (813) 922-2323!