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Wireless Security

Your company’s wireless network is an essential tool for productivity and efficiency. It is the gateway to your business! Unfortunately, unauthorized users can have just as much access to your sensitive data if you don’t implement effective security measures. And as hacking methods become more sophisticated, wireless security has evolved to keep pace. Axus Technologies specializes in providing complete wireless security solutions to companies of all sizes in Florida and throughout North America to help them secure their networks.

Protecting Your Wireless Network from Compromise

Nowadays, it’s very rare for a device to not have the ability to access Wi-Fi networks. This is a boon for companies looking to maximize productivity and introduce a bring your own device (BYOD) program to their employees. But it also comes with risks that need to be considered carefully. Hackers have found wireless networks easy to break into and can even use wireless devices to access wired networks if security is lax. And as wireless has become more ubiquitous in society at large, corporate institutions have generally neglected to ensure the security of their own networks despite the risk of compromise.

Be Proactive in Your Wireless Security Efforts with the Help of Axus Technologies

Axus Technologies understands the necessity of securing your corporate wireless network from threats and has worked with dozens of companies to help them protect their critical data and processes. Our unique assessment looks closely at your network and current procedures to help us identify strengths and weaknesses in your current security setup. We then design a system that fits your needs before implementing, optimizing, and integrating it into your business. Once your wireless security processes are up and running, our support team will be available to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Axus Technologies works with products from highly respected names in the IT industry, such as Cisco and Meraki, in order to provide clients with the best in wireless security hardware and software.

Contact Axus Technologies Today!

Don’t wait until a security event has already occurred to get serious about securing your network. Contact Axus Technologies today and speak with one of our cybersecurity experts to get started. You can reach out to us and schedule an assessment at (813) 922-2323.