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The Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS for short, is a revolutionary new way to enable a business to implement a robust wireless infrastructure that eliminates many of the shortcomings inherent in a traditional Wi-Fi system. For many industries, including healthcare, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, utilities, and more, CBRS private LTE service represents the future of wireless networks and should be a major part of these enterprises’ visions, especially those with mission-critical objectives, as a complement to, or even a replacement for, Wi-Fi.

Creating an Enterprise Private LTE Network Has Never Been More Accessible

Under development for some time, in 2019 CBRS became widely available to enterprises seeking to build a private LTE network in a cost-effective manner. While private LTE has been available before the release of CBRS small cell infrastructure, the cost of spectrum leasing would deter nearly all enterprises from adopting this technology. CBRS eliminates the need to purchase or lease LTE spectrum, instead offering a free spectrum set aside by the government for General Authorized Access (GAA). And for those companies that need priority access to the spectrum, the CBRS Priority Access License (PAL) is available.

The advantages of a CBRS LTE network make this an attractive option for industries that place great importance on achieving mission-critical objectives. CBRS offers very low latency and high quality of service even in environments that see high usage rates. As a cellular technology, it also offers better performance and coverage than Wi-Fi. It can also be set up to prioritize certain services and applications to support QoS levels and has better in-building penetration to fill any cellular gaps.

The CBRS Experts – Axus Technologies

If your enterprise is exploring the possibilities of CBRS, the team at Axus Technologies can help you evaluate your options and design a system that aligns with your goals. We start with a comprehensive assessment that determines your needs and the logistics of your environment. Upon review of this assessment and a survey of your space, we design a CBRS system and then our team of certified installation experts work to implement the system. We optimize the system to make sure it’s working at peak efficiency, then integrate it into your business operations according to your needs. If something isn’t working the way it should, our support team can troubleshoot the issue and fix it quickly so that network disruption is kept at a minimum.

Axus Technologies works with vendors at the forefront of the CBRS revolution, including Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, and Ruckus, to provide high quality CBRS private LTE infrastructure to our clients in Florida and across North America.

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Axus Technologies specializes in delivering effective IT solutions to clients across North America. With over 25 years of professional experience, our team has the expertise you need on your side to develop your CBRS network. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new opportunity!