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Wireless Bridge

Axus Technologies specializes in the design, creation, testing, and implementation of wireless bridge systems, which is a critical component in establishing point to point or point to multi-point wireless connectivity to reach locations where a wired network is unpractical or just too expensive. A single wireless access point, the most basic building block of a wireless network, can only cover so much ground. For large office spaces, warehouses, and parking lots, implementing wireless bridges will ensure that your remote locations are connected to the core network without the need for cost-prohibitive, expansive wiring operations.

What is a Wireless Bridge?

In its most basic form, a wireless bridge system takes two or more pieces of specialized equipment and connects them together through the air. The equipment on the far side connects to an end device like a security camera or Wi-Fi access point. The equipment on the near side is connected to the network core. The two are then connected using RF technology (usually on the microwave spectrum).

This accomplishes several goals in the design and execution of a complete wireless networking solution. The wireless bridge system, because they communicate with each other through radio waves, eliminates the need for wiring across long distances or difficult terrains. In addition, the concept of the wireless bridge can be used to implement more complex networking frameworks. For example, VLANs can be used to separate and secure traffic through the bridge which is suitable for QoS and traffic security purposes. Modern wireless bridges operate at the licensed and unlicensed spectrum reaching up to 10 Gb/s.

Axus Technologies Can Design and Implement a Wireless Bridge System to Suit Your Company’s Needs

When you need a total networking solution for your business, you can count on the experts at Axus Technologies to develop solutions that address all of your needs. Our tried and true method assesses your current system, designs and implements the solution, integrates the solution into your business, and offers troubleshooting in case there are any issues. We’ve been involved in the successful setup of wireless bridges for dozens of companies both in Florida and throughout North America.

After the initial assessment and design of your wireless bridge system, our staff of experts will get to work implementing and integrating the system into your network. We’ll determine the optimal path alignment for communication between the bridges and coordinate the frequency at which the devices will talk to each other, taking the surrounding environment into account. After the system is put into operation, our support team will be available to troubleshoot any issues that could spring up.

We Work with the Leading Vendors in the Industry and Put Their Expertise and High Quality to Work for Your Business

Axus Technologies is proud to partner with the leading vendors in the IT industry in developing and implementing wireless bridge systems for our clients. We work with companies such as Cisco, Cambium, and Ubiquiti to provide unparalleled quality in the hardware powering this technology.

Call Today to Schedule Your Network Assessment

If your large office or warehouse needs a high-quality networking solution, contact the expert team at Axus Technologies. We’ve helped dozens of companies large and small with their network needs and we’re ready to put that knowledge to good use to help your business too! Give us a call today at (813) 922-2323 to speak with one of our experts and schedule an assessment!