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Internet of Things

The internet of things has revolutionized the way work is handled in many industries. Healthcare providers have been able to provide a new level of service to patients through the usage of digital health apps and software. In the field of agriculture, the internet of things has been utilized to increase efficiency and yields by providing tighter control of the production process. And municipalities across the country have harnessed the power of the internet of things to create smart cities, which use data to analyze conditions and allow key stakeholders to creatively solve some of the most pressing issues in their communities. Smartly harnessing the power of the internet of things requires a keen understanding of the way various devices work in concert with one another.

Axus Technologies understands just how important it is to work with the best when developing and implementing a framework that utilizes the internet of things. We partner with the industry leader in IoT solutions, Cisco, for our clients in the manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture sectors in addition to municipal governments. We also work with Greenway Health, which specializes in IoT solutions designed specifically to address the needs of those in the healthcare industry.

If your organization is ready to join the internet of things revolution, Axus Technologies can help! Call today!