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Virtual CIO

No matter what industry you happen to be in, technology plays a major role in helping you run it. And the effective usage of technology increases efficiency, makes operations run more smoothly, and can increase your company’s overall profitability. But you need a plan in place for maintaining, supporting, and managing your technological resources. Every large enterprise has a Chief Information Officer, or CIO, whose role it is to formulate the company’s IT budget and strategy to help it achieve its short and long-term goals. However, all businesses large and small require some sort of IT support in order to make the most out of their technological efforts.

Virtual CIO services from Axus Technologies assist companies in these efforts by providing for the management of IT resources on a flexible basis. Our team of experts can help you develop strategic IT goals for your business, then maintain that strategy and formulate a budget to help you meet those goals. With the combined expertise of the Axus Technologies team on your side, you can feel confident knowing that your technological goals will be fully planned for and supported.

Tailored Consultation

We start with a personalized consultation that examines every facet of your current IT capabilities and your goals for the future. By gathering this information, our team can start to put together a plan for your business to help it get the most out of your IT initiatives.

Short and Long-Term Planning

Technology develops at a rapid pace, and it’s imperative to have that in mind when planning and allocating IT resources. Our virtual CIO services take this into account when articulating short and long-term planning and goals for your company. Experience and expertise go a long way in formulating a successful, executable IT plan – our team has decades of collective experience to draw on and can provide their insight on how tomorrow’s technological innovations can be planned for today.

Business Continuity Analysis

Business disruption can and does occur, and no business is invulnerable from its effects. Nevertheless, having a plan in place can minimize the effects of disruption and put your company back in business sooner. Our business continuity analysis games out potential scenarios and develops solutions to get your business back on track after a disruptive event.

Contract Review

Your virtual CIO can also assist in reviewing contracts for your IT initiatives and negotiating on behalf of your business.

IT Department Optimization

Optimizing your IT department is a means through which you can strengthen your team, standardize processes to make them more efficient, and promote innovation.

Cost Analysis

Without virtual CIO services in place, you may not even realize how much money you’re investing into your IT resources – or whether that money is being invested optimally. Our team can provide a detailed cost analysis and offer suggestions to increase your ROI.

Staffing Support

If your company needs assistance staffing its IT department with professionals capable of getting the most out of your resources, Axus Technologies can help!

With virtual CIO services from Axus Technologies, you can put your enterprise on the path to developing its IT capabilities to its fullest potential. Call today at (813) 922-2323 to speak with one of our experts and to schedule a consultation.