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Awesome experience. We were looking for a reliable vendor to install a GPON to backhaul the Wi-Fi traffic. Axus engineers designed and implemented a solution that exceeded our expectations. No downtime in two years.
Cody, Miami, FL
No red tapes on this company. They follow industry best practices but jump over all bureaucracy to get the job done.
Kelly, San Antonio, TX
Unorthodox engineers that just get it right. Our datacenter PM team estimated a six-month project duration for a cloud migration project. It took three including a professional documentation of the network.
Jeff, Tampa, FL
Super experience technical staff that knows modern networks from A to Z. Axus engineers installed an Azure ExpressRoute circuit with the required onsite and cloud network elements with total confidence. Project got done three weeks in advance.
Robert, Saint Petersburg, FL
Thanks for the excellent work. We now have a real Wi-Fi. No complaints from the medical providers since Axus put a Wi-Fi network in operations.
Joseph, Orlando, FL
The cloud is clear with these guys. A cloud-based phone system got installed in three days. No joke!
Craig, Denver, CO
Axus Collaboration Engineer was able to plan and implement the migration of our legacy Cisco on premises system to the cloud in record time. They really made it easy. Thanks.
Amit, Boston, MA