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What Is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a fantastic way for any business to become more efficient and grow.

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT services across the Internet (the cloud) rather than through data centers and servers that a company must maintain. With cloud computing, businesses only pay for what they need and can obtain a vast selection of services to expand in new ways. Any industry can benefit from using the cloud; here is what this service can do for you.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

The benefits of cloud computing can be summarized into that of efficiency. It offers streamlined, reliable service for businesses in several ways.

Access to Services

As mentioned above, cloud computing allows companies to access a wide range of services, including storage, servers, networking, analytics, intelligence, and databases. Delivery through the cloud still enables businesses to use any computing service they need to function and grow.


Because one only uses cloud computing only as much as one needs, businesses save on IT costs. Instead of having capital expenses, one has variable expenses. Money no longer goes out to services never used.

Global Scale

The cloud also allows secure and reliable operations across the globe. You can deploy your application to multiple physical locations within minutes. Your technology will have the advantage of higher performance, as global data centers constantly keep systems updated.

Less Hardware

Having a data center on-site means a whole room dedicated to hardware. The company usually has to complete hardware setups and software maintenance to keep it up. With the cloud, none of that is necessary, as it is streamlined into the Internet.

Types of Cloud Computing

A company can choose from three different types of clouds: public, private, and hybrid. With a public cloud, a third party provides a secure infrastructure. In the private version, the cloud resides within a private network with one company or a third party. The hybrid form uses both public and private clouds to achieve a company’s goals with more flexibility. Three main cloud services include:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A commercial IT company, like Axus Technologies, can build a basic system for your business through the cloud. This consists of networks, virtual or physical computers, and storage.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS takes care of your underlying infrastructure so you can focus on developing and managing your applications. There’s no need to worry about maintaining software or hardware.

Software as a Service (SaaS) 

SaaS is most applicable to end-users who want to use the product. It provides the underlying infrastructure and maintenance.

Who Can Use It?

Any company can use cloud computing.  Healthcare, agriculture, government, and many more industries are already using it to their advantage. If the cloud is right for you, call Axus Technologies today!

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