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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a part of daily life for consumers and businesses all over the world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming topic all over the world. Since the acquisition of the Internet, industries of all kinds have slowly begun utilizing this function more and more, to the point where we see today a glimpse of its possibilities. As a component of our daily lives that will likely make a greater impact in the future, it is beneficial to understand the Internet of Things.

What Is the Internet of Things?

Simply put, the Internet of Things is the connection of any electrically-powered device to the Internet. The range of items is enormous. One of the first such “things” is the ATM, coming into use in the mid-70s. Today, cell phones, cars, wearables like FitBits, and other appliances have joined the gang of inanimate objects communicating through the Internet. This connection helps people and things interact with each other for a more informed and efficient life.

What Is Its Impact?

Communication has new horizons when objects connect to the Internet and talk to you and each other, affecting both consumers and businesses. People already use the Internet of Things daily through smart devices like cell phones, FitBits, thermostats, and cars. With access to different information like your calendar, email, etc., your smart devices can talk to each other and help you proceed the most efficiently. For example, if your car has access to your email account, it can send a message to your work that you might be late with the traffic. 

On the commercial level, the Internet of Things can benefit industries like healthcare, agriculture, transportation, and energy, just to name a few. Already, cities and companies are integrating the Internet with anything from tractors to street lights to water quality monitoring equipment. Connecting such devices to the Internet enables people to indirectly send messages to various machines so they can work together without your manual aid.

Concerns About IoT

While the Internet of Things opens one’s imagination to a myriad of possibilities for efficiency and convenience in homes and businesses, it also poses a major security threat. The more someone connects their home or business to the Internet, the more likely a hacker can break in and steal sensitive information. Another consideration is how this technology could change how the world functions. Like the invention of the telephone, one can little fathom what it might become down the road. In the meantime, it is important to be aware of it and be on the frontline of maintaining a secure system

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