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Tips for Choosing Business Hardware

Tips for Choosing Business Hardware

Business hardware is what connects people to their digital networks.

In commercial IT, there are two types of computer ware: software and hardware. Software consists of the various programs one can install and use to communicate and function digitally. Meanwhile, hardware makes up the physical products one uses to access digital platforms. If your business is looking to renew its business hardware, here are some tips on where to start.

Choose Based on Occupation

First, you’ll want to avoid PCs and look for business hardware specifically. PCs, or personal computers, are designed with the average consumer in mind. On the other hand, business computers more easily adapt to specific programs for work and communication. Among these options, choose hardware best for your business’s profession. For example, architecture, agriculture, medicine, and graphic design all have different digital needs. Likewise, a receptionist’s computer will differ from the designer’s. 

Think of Portability

Many people who work on their computers are working remotely. If your employees work from home, you might prefer to supply them with laptops rather than monitors. Remote work will also affect what kind of software you’ll need.

Have a Professional Service Plan

Different hardware will come with varying types of services and warranties. Personal computers might have a year-long warranty and a service offer from the local depot, but your employees will need a warranty that lasts at least a few years and IT support that’s online or in-house.

Consider Wired & Wireless Networks

Besides computers, hardware also consists of the equipment that makes up a building’s wired or wireless network connection. Depending on the premises’ occupants, your network needs will differ. For example, a medical center needs separate networks for patient monitoring and for guests’ Wi-Fi access.

Seek Advice from a Commercial IT Professional

It can be overwhelming to figure out what kind of equipment to get for your business. There are many manufacturers and models out there. It is best to seek advice from a commercial IT provider who can give expert pointers on both hardware and software for your company. 

Contact Axus Technologies for Your Commercial IT Needs

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