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The Advantages of GPON Technology

The Advantages of GPON Technology

Many industries benefit from GPON technology; Axus can equip you with the best solution.

GPON technology, otherwise known as a Gigabit Passive Optical Network, is a last-mile communication system that uses fiber optics. An optical line terminal (OLT) broadcasts signals downstream into the optical distribution network (ODN), where an optical splitter separates the signal toward their various optic network units (ONU)s, also known as optical line terminal (ONT). Each optical network unit (ONU) converts the optical signal into an electric one commonly delivered via ethernet using an RJ45 port. A similar process happens in the upstream direction. GPON, or its newest cousin, NG-GPON2, are perfect applications, backhauling other networks like Wifi and 5G. Condominiums, hotels, and retirement communities can leverage GPON to provide high-speed services at a very affordable price. They can have their own private network and offer the service as a plus to their clients.


Security is one of the top priorities for companies seeking IT solutions. Cybersecurity is an ever-present concern requiring top-of-the-line expertise and applications to combat. GPONs are inherently secure systems due to the isolated nature of the signals within the optic fibers. Because they travel in a closed circuit and include encryption, GPON is impossible to hack or tap.


Another advantage that all businesses look for is speed. In either heavy or light fiber optic traffic, this technology can handle traffic up to 10/10 Gbs per subscriber and up to 40 Gbit/s throughput for the entire optical network. 


GPON technology always delivers a minimum bandwidth so that even in the busiest times, one can still access and send information seamlessly. GPON’s advanced ODN splitters manage traffic within a large enough bandwidth to avoid congestion. This feature is excellent for video and voice, in which one needs steady connectivity to prevent glitches. As a passive network, one also avoids the need for powering or cooling in the outside plant. Moreover, fiber optics do not face interference from electromagnetic or radio signals.


With GPON technology, security, speed, and stability can all come at a surprisingly affordable price. Because GPON is a passive system, it uses very little energy, and thus, one pays for much less. GPON also eliminates the need for constant IT support, saving businesses thousands of dollars each year.

Axus Design and Operation

Axus Technologies, LLC (Axus) engineers follow the best industry standards to deploy GPON and NG-GPON2 from the best manufacturers in the industry. Our designs are solid and have been in operations for several years. Axus Monitoring Center (AMS) provides 24/7 monitoring and support of the GPON and its associated systems like Wifi.

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