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Ways to Improve School IT Infrastructure

Ways to Improve School IT Infrastructure

Axus Technologies can help your school perform best in-person and remotely.

As schools are getting back into the swing of a brand new school year, efficiency in learning is more crucial than ever. Some K-12 schools continue to operate remotely, while others are implementing safe in-person classes. In 2020, information technology will only continue to grow in educational spheres, whether in-person or at home. If your K-12 school is looking for ways to improve school IT infrastructure, Axus Technologies has a solution.

About Axus Technologies

Axus Technologies, located in the Tampa Bay area, serves industries of all kinds with fitting IT solutions. Their IT services include designing and providing wired and wireless connectivity, remote networking, and cybersecurity. Besides K-12 establishments, they also serve the industries of healthcare, finance, hospitality, government, transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture. With extensive experience in all aspects of IT and in many fields, Axus is highly qualified to achieve the best IT solution for your school.

Wireless Networking

Even though physical wiring is highly reliable, Wi-Fi is still a must-have for any building. Axus Technologies can evaluate, design, and implement a sound wireless networking system for your K-12 school to provide seamless connectivity no matter where one is in the building. Their Wi-Fi systems also have the layers of security you need to separate teachers’, students’, and visitors’ networks.

Remote Connectivity

Whether schools are open or remote, the need for excellent remote connectivity is essential today. Axus can direct you to the best options to improve school IT infrastructure, including the Cloud, in which all data for learning and working stay online in a secure system. The number of Cloud applications is infinite, opening up new possibilities for streamlining remote learning and communication. No matter what kind of remote IT infrastructure you use, Axus can ensure it has optimal security and efficiency.

Efficient Hardware

Much goes into the structure of IT systems to make hardwired and Wi-Fi systems work well. However, hardware like computers, laptops, and smart devices also play a significant role in school IT infrastructure. Consider your present and future goals as an educational institution and choose your IT devices based on them. You can find the ideal hardware at Axus Technologies.

Contact Axus Technologies for Your Commercial IT Needs

Axus Technologies, LLC (Axus) is a provider and integrator of first-class technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. We work with the best manufacturers and vendors in the IT industry to deliver top of the line results. We closely partner with our customers through all project cycles to ensure that our work exceeds expectations. Our main office is located in the Tampa Bay area, but we operate from coast to coast with a clientele footprint mainly concentrated in the Northeast, Midwest, and South. For more information about our technology services, call us today at 813-922-2323, fax us at 813-922-2325, or email us at For helpful technology tips and company updates, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.  

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