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Why Businesses Need Meraki SD-WAN

Why Businesses Need Meraki SD-WAN

Meraki SD-WAN is an innovative solution for widespread businesses.

Reliability, flexibility, and security are all essential features in business networks, large and small. If your business is looking for a secure network service that makes complex technology simple, you need the innovative Meraki SD-WAN. The term SD-WAN can have mixed meanings throughout the technology world, but here, you shall see an explanation of what Meraki SD-WAN is and why it is so needed for businesses today.

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for Software-Defined Wide Area Network. A WAN applies to companies that communicate across locations over a wide distance, not necessarily next to each other. It can work for companies with locations in multiple states, for example. Meanwhile, software-defined technology can apply to network (SDN), access (SDA), and more. It means that traffic between sites is fluid with the conditions of the WAN rather than set in a preconfigured way. An SD-WAN enables flexible and safe connectivity between sites in a large-scale network. Another great feature of SD-WAN is automation; a literally unlimited number of SD-WAN devices can be configured all at once with a single click. 

What Meraki Offers

Any business with multiple distant locations needs an SD-WAN to communicate across the web. However, not every service is the same. Axus Technologies provides Meraki SD-WAN, which makes an otherwise complex system incredibly simple to navigate. No matter how many sites your company manages, Meraki SD-WAN can integrate into your current system with no extra hardware needed and give you straightforward, real-time analytics on how the sites are running. 

Three issues it controls for specific applications are latency, loss, and jitter. An evaluation of these problems shows how reliable a given virtual path is within the WAN. The Meraki Cloud Controller can choose the best path of communication and connect various sites with ease. 

If a problem occurs, the Meraki Cloud Controller will quickly pinpoint where and what it is. This is instrumental in saving companies time and energy is searching out the problem themselves. Lastly, Meraki SD-WAN gives historical analytics to show how well the network has performed over time. Should improvements be necessary, one will know exactly where to look.   

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