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Axus Tech: New Look, New Product

Axus Tech: New Look, New Product

Check out Axus Technologies’ new look and Wi-Fi calculator!

Axus Technologies, located in Tampa, Florida, provides companies across the country with optimal technology solutions. Their goal is to provide budget sensitive technology solutions that address the most pressing challenges that businesses face. Axus Technologies is an expert in wireless, cloud, security, network, and much more. Axus technologies has recently overhauled their image by adopting a fresh logo, optimizing their website, and by investing in innovative tools that allow businesses to accurately determine their Wi-Fi coverage needs.

New Logo


With the brand new logo, Axus Technologies’ image has become as efficient as their company. It is to the point, fusing imagery and letters to create one cohesive whole. This sharp and professional look captures in one glance the innovative solutions that Axus Technologies offers to their customers. 

New Website

Axus Technologies also has a fresh, new website that borrows its look from their sleek logo. Simplifying IT is not just a catchy phrase but at the core of their mission statement.  Learn about their areas of expertise, their process, products they offer, industries they serve, and much more. Through a simple and organized web design provided by Adventure Web Interactive, you can explore each aspect of Axus Technologies. You can easily find out more about their culture, events, and job opportunities through their website as well. They are currently seeking talent in sales

New Wi-Fi Access Point Estimator

Axus Technologies is at the forefront of providing innovative and effective technology solutions for their customers. Along with a brand new look, they are now also providers of a new Wi-Fi Access Point Estimator, otherwise known as a Wi-Fi calculator. Commercial properties need Wi-Fi coverage delivered in a different manner than residential consumers. With many companies shifting their workforce to a wireless infrastructure, it has become more important than ever to deliver fast, reliable, and consistent Wi-Fi coverage. Great Wi-Fi coverage equals happy, productive employees. Axus Technologies’ Estimator helps businesses across the United States get the right number of Wi-Fi access points for their needs. For more information, contact Axus Technologies today!

Contact Axus Technologies for Your Commercial IT Needs

Axus Technologies, LLC (Axus) is a provider and integrator of first-class technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. We work with the best manufacturers and vendors in the IT industry to deliver top of the line results. We closely partner with our customers through all project cycles to ensure that our work exceeds expectations. Our main office is located in the Tampa Bay area, but we operate from coast to coast. For more information about our technology services, call us today at 813-922-2323, fax us at 813-922-2325, or email us at For helpful technology tips and company updates, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.  

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