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Cybersecurity for Businesses

Cybersecurity for Businesses

The heightened risk of cyberattacks on businesses calls for innovative cybersecurity.

In both public and private sectors, cybersecurity is one of the greatest needs. As businesses increasingly work through cyberspace and technology rapidly develops each year, the number of vulnerabilities in a business’s cybersecurity grows. In the past three years, commercial IT faces heightened challenges in this department. Thankfully, innovative strategies and technology continue to improve cybersecurity for businesses.

The Risk of Cyber Attacks

The risk of cyberattacks on businesses is higher than ever. Between 2016 and 2017, the U.S. National Vulnerability Database (NVD) found a 52% increase in vulnerabilities. This major jump is due to more people, for whatever reason, investigating where the weak points are, as well as a growth in e-commerce in which software quality decreases. 

Meanwhile, network architecture continues to evolve and expand each year at a rapid rate, and the opportunity for cyberattacks is greater. More applications are going virtual, and people are utilizing more network components like smart devices, cloud services, Internet of Things, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD.)

Top concerns that companies in public sectors have over cybersecurity are protecting OT (Operation Technology) and IT (Information Technology.) They are especially concerned about the downtime in operations should an attack against OT occur. Lastly, businesses worry about the threat of phishing emails. Many in the country have reported credential theft due to a phishing email in the past 2-3 years. While the threat of an employee falling for one still stands, public sectors have already reduced the risk successfully.

Strategies for Better Cyber Security

Excellent cybersecurity consists of not only the technology to prevent attacks, but also a strategy to identify and combat a company’s greatest threats. Only after developing a plan can one successfully implement security measures that work.

The first step is to prioritize what needs the most protection. Security teams have the immense challenge of mapping out the hundreds of assets a company has and identifying all their vulnerabilities. With so many, a team must discern which ones most need protection. When protecting OT and other assets, passive monitoring keeps an eye on the entire system without disrupting the company flow. Nothing will shut down as employees are trying to work, which often happens with active monitoring. Lastly, security teams need to continually evaluate their assets’ vulnerability. What assets can be deleted? How do they compare with similar businesses? Axus Technologies can help your company get the most out of cybersecurity. 

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