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Ransomware and Your Business


Ransomware and Your Business

Learn about ransomware and what Axus can do to protect your business.

Cybersecurity is a crucial consideration for businesses today. The commercial IT landscape is continuously growing and changing, providing more ways for businesses to communicate and thrive. The dependency on computer networks is even greater now, as many people are transitioning to remote work. These factors lend ample opportunities for hackers to penetrate valuable IT systems; one of the most notable today is called ransomware.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malware that enables the perpetrator to demand a ransom. The malware will work behind the scenes in your computer, and when it is done, it will encrypt certain computer files or shut you out from the computer entirely. If you pay them, usually in an untraceable currency like Bitcoin, you might get your files back. The ransom may rise as time passes; the goal is to get victims to pay as quickly as possible without having time to contact law enforcement.

It can enter your computer through countless points. One of the most common examples is through email with an attachment. The email may seem to come from the company and look harmless, but clicking on it invisibly uploads the malware. It can also come through advertisements or even a USB drive. If an employee suspects anything unusual about a company email, he should report it to IT and never click on it.

Ransomware in the News

Ransomware has been around since 1989, when the PC Cyborg was released. However, as IT advanced, this form of malware also became more sophisticated and developed new strategies to infiltrate networks. Its success reached a head in the past year when Riviera Beach in Florida agreed to pay over half a million dollars to retrieve their email, phone, payment, and other vital IT systems. The city council voted to replace nearly $1 million worth of IT equipment in the aftermath. However, experts don’t believe this was the right move.

What Is the Solution?

The best way to deal with ransomware can be offensive or defensive. The ultimate goal is to prevent malware from accessing files in the first place. Various IT solutions can monitor movements to detect malware lurking in the background and defend against it; some cybersecurity systems address only this issue. With their expert help, Axus Technologies can give your business the peace of mind against this major threat and other security risks. 

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