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The Usefulness of a VPN

The Usefulness of a VPN

What is a VPN and how can it benefit you? Take a look here.

Privacy and security are ever-pressing issues when it comes to using the Internet safely. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows people to access the Internet as if through a private network and is advantageous today for various purposes. At the same time, a VPN is only helpful under certain conditions. If you are considering getting one for business, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a VPN?

This Internet security service creates a “tunnel” for users to access specific parts of the Internet. It can protect both a server and the user from exploitation. When searching on the public Internet, one’s IP address is visible to the Internet Service Provider (ISP.) A hacker could track the user’s movements and exploit them. Meanwhile, a hacker or any other unauthorized person could tap into a server if it doesn’t have a VPN encrypting it from the public. A VPN connects people to the server without the ISP seeing their activity. 

VPN Uses

Virtual Private Networks have multiple uses. One is to connect to a server remotely. Businesses, colleges, and other industries can give their people a VPN connection to access private information remotely. Another use is to protect against hackers when using public Wi-Fi. This form of Wi-Fi is notorious for vulnerability, but a VPN can encrypt someone’s actions within that space. Other purposes for VPNs include keeping one’s location anonymous, expressing one’s opinions without government suppression, and protecting user information from ISP sales of private data.

VPN Conditions

A Virtual Private Network is helpful only under two main conditions. First, the user must be sure that the VPN provider is trustworthy. Some VPN companies may be fraudulent and sell their users’ information anyway. Second, the VPN service should be close to the user and the server to work efficiently. If the service is located far away from both of them, it creates a “trombone effect.” The encrypted information has to travel leagues away to the service and all the way back to the server to make a safe connection, which can take up time. 

When picking a VPN provider, however, don’t just go for the first local company you find. If the company’s service cannot hold a high capacity of users, the Internet connection could slow

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