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Advantages of Wireless Access Points

Advantages of Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points help businesses function in several key ways.

For businesses across the United States, network access is essential. As more and more devices become mobile, flexibility is key for seamless network connection. Flexible access to one network makes life easier and communication more efficient. The best way for companies to achieve these goals is by implementing Wireless Access Points throughout the premises.

About Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points (APs or WAPs) are devices that create a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for multiple devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and more. They are connected to a router and extend services on the network. WAPs act as a central point to transmit and receive wireless radio signals from a given network and are the most efficient solution for businesses needing wireless network access throughout a large commercial property. 

Broader Range

With various Wireless Access Points strategically located throughout the premises, workers can have Wi-Fi wherever they are, from each end of the building, and from the highest to the lowest floor. This feature is essential for communicating across broad square footage and beyond.


As customers, business partners, and other guests may enter the building on occasion, they will need network access as well. With wireless access points, a commercial property can allow guests onto a guest network without compromising the security of the building’s network. A business can provide network access for all while still keeping safe.

Networking Features

Wireless Access Points can also come with different networking modes, which makes network usage flexible. You can configure the network in different ways, including Simplex AP, Wireless Client, Multi-point Bridge, etc. To learn more, contact Axus Technologies today!

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