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Improving Wi-Fi Speed in Your Office

Improving Wi-Fi Speed in Your Office

Getting quick Internet access starts with an accurate Wi-Fi design.

Slow or spotty Wi-Fi is a hassle in today’s technological age, but it doesn’t have to be a problem in commercial buildings, where Wi-Fi speed is key to efficiency. Achieving the best Wi-Fi speed throughout an office space requires the strategic placement of wireless access points and an accurate Wi-Fi measurement to determine the design. Having the best technology and skill to aid in this goal will avoid Wi-Fi disasters in your office. 

Accurate Wi-Fi Network Design

A Wi-Fi network design includes strategically-placed wireless access points. Every part of the area needs sufficient coverage; it is a balance between having enough access points to deliver Wi-Fi and not placing too many APs in the network, which could cause radio interferences. A Wi-Fi designer can determine the best layout with the help of an accurate Wi-Fi design tool.

Accurate Signal Strength Readings

Accurate signal strength readings are vital to an office’s Wi-Fi design. Different measurement devices have varying levels of accuracy, and a less-accurate tool can have disastrous consequences to the network. An excellent measurement will produce a heatmap showing where Wi-Fi is available and how strong the signal is at any given point. It will consistently pinpoint the radio wave’s strength, no matter what direction the access point is facing. An accurate map informs an excellent design.

The Risks of Poor Signal Strength Readings

A lower-quality measurement shows a broader range of signal strength, may not read the same area consistently, and generally fails to give a correct picture. The result is a wrong design diagnosis. If the heatmap shows too little data on where Wi-Fi covers, too many access points may go into the design, and vice versa. A poor signal strength reading results in not just an inefficient design, but the losses of cost, time, productivity, and the true merit of the original Wi-Fi designer.

How Axus Technologies Can Help

Your company doesn’t have to deal with a Wi-Fi disaster. Axus Technologies, located in Florida and serving businesses nationwide, has the understanding and the best tools to help you get the Wi-Fi speed you need. Ekahau Sidekick is a measuring tool, renowned for its on-point readings, and Axus Tech holds the Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer certification. They also work with Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, Cradlepoint, and Cambium for commercial Wi-Fi solutions. 

Contact Axus Technologies for Your Commercial IT Needs

Axus Technologies, LLC (Axus) is a provider and integrator of first-class technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. We work with the best manufacturers and vendors in the IT industry to deliver top of the line results. We closely partner with our customers through all project cycles to ensure that our work exceeds expectations. Our main office is located in the Tampa Bay area, but we operate from coast to coast with a clientele footprint mainly concentrated in the Northeast, Midwest, and South. For more information about our technology services, call us today at 813-922-2323, fax us at 813-922-2325, or email us at For helpful technology tips and company updates, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.  

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