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What Exactly Is Wi-Fi?

What Exactly Is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is something we use every day, but what is it exactly? Find out here.

Wi-Fi is a part of our everyday lives, in and out of the office. We likely use wi-fi every day without hardly giving it another thought. When issues come up with it, however, such as a slow connection, it may cause one to wonder what wifi really is and how it works. If you are wondering how to get better Wi-Fi, or are just curious about what it is, here is a general summary of what it means.

The Definition of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the name of a wi-fi networking technology that allows multiple devices to communicate with each other. Wi-Fi technology creates a network of devices to communicate through radio signals within a specific area, such as an office building or hospital. Wi-Fi is not short for a longer name, but is the proper term devised for marketing purposes.

How Wi-Fi Works

Wi-Fi signals extend as far as its devices broadcast it, and can be public or private. To start, the router, hardware with antennae, connects a building to the Internet; within its broadcast range, anyone can join the wifi network. However, if the wireless network is private, one will need a password to access it. In large, commercial spaces, a wi-fi engineer will strategically place wireless access points around the premises that branch out from a router. These wi-fi access points provide strong, seamless Internet connectivity no matter where a user is.

The Standard of Wi-Fi

On a deeper level, IEEE 802.11 specifies the protocols for creating a wireless local area network (WLAN). These protocols, part of the IEEE 802 protocols for local area networks, are under the regulation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers LAN/MAN Standards Committee. While the first version of wi-fi came out in 1971, the first IEEE 802.11 version appeared in 1997. It has since had amendments. Based on this baseline and its subsequent generations, manufacturers can create products capable of receiving wifi signals, such as computers, printers, smartphones, smart devices, and more. 

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