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Top Tech Problems with Remote Access

Top Tech Problems with Remote Access

If your business is going more remote, having safe and reliable access is vital. See how Axus can help!

Remote work is becoming the norm and is likely here to stay. Working remotely has plenty of advantages for businesses, such as saving costs on commercial rent, electricity, cleaning, computers, travel, etc. However, that money saved in physical accommodations goes into software, particularly remote access software. This growing technology needs special care to avoid certain major tech problems.


Remote access software can come with varying challenges in usability, and not all technology is the same. One common problem is difficulty in accessing different applications in the network; sometimes, it may be impossible to reach one application unless someone returns to the office building. Remote access technology can become complex and confusing when poorly designed and applied, resulting in blocked or slowed access. A company can resolve this problem by having a central management system and high-quality software. This way, the cost of installing and maintaining the system will be much more affordable.


Another huge issue regarding remote access is security. Most hacking incidents occur because of a lack of multiple security layers. If a business laptop, for example, only has one weak password, hackers are much more likely to target it. The risk is even higher when working in a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Again, central IT management and reliable technology will provide insulation to your remote business network, as well as regular security updates and maintenance. An overlooked security system can lead to extensive damage in a company, and requires upfront and long-term care. 


With the growing demand to work from home or another location, the need to accommodate more users in the network safely and efficiently is paramount. Additional hardware, software, training, etc. will be necessary to allow the network to grow. Your company may also need more applications, or need to switch applications. Axus Technologies, located in Florida and serving companies across the United States, can advise and provide an innovative solution for your company’s remote access needs. Contact them today!

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