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Interconnection and Connectivity

For enterprises that rely on private data infrastructure to fulfill objectives, integrating your processes fully into the cloud may not be a desirable scenario. In these situations, a hybrid system that blends the best of cloud-based computing with private infrastructure could boost productivity by shifting some processes to the cloud while keeping core internal processes in-house. Interconnection is the method through which virtual and physical data centers interact and communicate with each other and can become a core strategy for your enterprise. As foremost experts of networking and cloud computing and the factors that influence success in these fields, Axus Technologies can put that detailed knowledge to work for your business.

Your Personal Gateway to the Power of the Cloud

For clients with mission-critical objectives and who make security a top priority, interconnection services such as Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect are great options if you want access to the best that the cloud has to offer. These services offer a private connection between Azure or AWS data centers with your own private infrastructure, creating a stand-alone secure environment for data exchange. This has numerous other benefits over interconnection services that utilize public internet access beyond security – a private connection is more reliable, offers lower latency, and runs more quickly as well.

These benefits allow for private interconnection services to be used in many applications to serve your business. This hybrid setup is perfect for mass migration of data, so it is useful for scenarios such as data replication, disaster recovery, transferring large virtual machines between your dev-test environment and your on-site production environment, scaling up your data center capability during periods of need, and more.

We Can Help You Get Connected with the Biggest Names in Cloud Computing Technology

Axus Technologies has helped dozens of successful businesses in Florida and throughout North America leverage the power of the cloud in their own processes. Our team of experts can get your system connected with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Equinix, and CoreSite to put their resources to work for you.

Contact Axus Technologies Today to Schedule an Assessment

If you’re ready to take the next step, Axus Technologies is here to help! We can assess your current capabilities and lay out your options to help securely connect your business to the cloud. Give us a call today at (813) 922-2323 to schedule an assessment with one of our expert network engineers.