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Video Conferencing and Virtual Meeting

In our digital, interconnected age, business is being conducted on a global level more than ever before. Companies keep staffs in offices all over the world and telecommuting is quickly becoming more of a norm than an exception. In addition, as firms adopt principles of agile project management, the need to facilitate easy collaboration only increases. To keep up with this state of affairs and set your company up for success in the future, your business needs to have a robust and capable video conferencing and virtual meeting infrastructure in place.

Axus Technologies has worked with dozens of companies in Florida and throughout North America to help them integrate video conferencing and virtual meeting software into their daily processes. With scalable, reliable solutions at your fingertips, your company can take the next step in committing to the possibilities of collaborative applications!

Next Generation Collaboration, Now Available to Companies of All Sizes

With Cisco’s Webex and 3CX, companies of any size can take advantage of video conferencing and virtual meetings to facilitate collaboration and increase productivity and efficiency. The software goes beyond simply connecting your employees, however. For example, Webex is built with productivity enhancement features such as providing real-time transcription, a useful AI-powered assistant that helps the user create notes and plan follow-ups, and much more. Moreover, these solutions are scalable (they can grow as your business grows) and can be implemented as part of a complete telecommunications solution along with your phone system.

Let’s Get Together to Discuss How Collaborative Software Will Help Your Business!

With our dedicated and experienced team on your side, Axus Technologies can help your company get the most out of video conferencing and virtual meeting infrastructure. We can help design, implement, optimize, and integrate this infrastructure into your business’s daily processes and provide troubleshooting support in case something goes wrong.

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If you’re ready to explore the collaborative possibilities of video conferencing, virtual meetings, or any other productivity enhancement such as a cloud phone system, Axus Technologies can help! You can speak with one of our experts today at (813) 922-2323.