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Cloud computing and virtual desktop systems have sparked a revolution in productivity and efficiency for companies that have integrated them into their processes. This technology is also being implemented as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. Threats are everywhere in today’s always-on environment and your applications and sensitive data are at risk of compromise if security concerns are not addressed thoroughly. The team of security experts here at Axus Technologies are industry leaders in the design and implementation of cloud based security measures for the applications and infrastructure that your business relies on.

Managing Access to Data and Applications Smartly and Securely

Harnessing the power of the cloud for your security needs offers an effective strategy for protecting your servers and limiting access to legitimate users and trusted partners. In a cloud based security system, all traffic bound for your servers is rerouted to the cloud and analyzed thoroughly. It makes the determination whether the traffic is that of a legitimate user and blocks any traffic that it does not approve. In addition, cloud based security services are also used to effectively manage sensitive encrypted data, concealing it from any unrecognized applications trying to decipher it.

Cloud based security systems need to follow a strict set of compliance rules, laws, and regulations so that they maintain a high standard for the protection and privacy of information and ensure the safety of the database as a whole.

Axus Technologies is Dedicated to Securing Your Systems with a Cloud Based Security Strategy

At Axus Technologies, our team of experts have helped businesses of all sizes in Florida and throughout North America with their cybersecurity needs and we can help you design a security strategy based on the principles and the power of the cloud. Our experts will carefully assess your current systems to determine the best solutions for your needs. After designing a custom system, our team will implement and optimize it, integrating it into your current processes. We will also be available for any troubleshooting that may need to occur after implementation.

We work with some of the most recognized names in the industry, such as Cisco, Meraki, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Azure Firewall, and AWS Firewall, to provide our clients with the most effective security solutions available.

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The best way to approach cybersecurity is through proactive management. Don’t wait until a security event has already occurred to take your company’s security seriously! Call Axus Technologies today to speak with one of our experts and schedule an assessment at (813) 922-2323.