• Design and Engineering


Axus designs meet the most stringent of industry standards to ensure that our solutions perform at optimal levels.  Our engineers are trained on a variety of design concepts and build solutions leveraging industry principles that include scalability, modularity, resiliency, and flexibility.  At Axus we believe that methodical approaches are essential to developing and deploying optimal designs.


  • Consulting


Axus hires the most experienced and qualified team members. We work closely with our clients to develop meaningful solutions that meet tomorrow's challenges. Success is measured not only by the efficiency of the solution but also on our ability to build and sustain an effective relationship with our clients.


  • Assessment


At Axus we understand the substantial time and budgetary constraints that our clients face on a daily basis. As such, we have developed two classes of surveys that maximize our impact.  We offer a simple and FREE assessment consisting of a questionnaire wherein our engineers and consultants briefly interview key stakeholders to better understand the challenges you face. We provide feedback in a summarized and concise manner.  Our comprehensive assessment consists of a detailed analysis of your existing environment where we explore the problem at hand and prepare you for the issues of tomorrow. You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report outlining the current state of your network as well as areas of opportunity where Axus can be leveraged as a value-added partner.


  • Implementation


At Axus we have a keen eye for detail and make it our priority to deliver best-in-class solutions.  We take pride in our work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have highly trained staff that can assist with numerous technological solutions. Our implementation team holds multiple certifications with Cisco, Microsoft, project management and much more.


  • Integration


Axus engineers will leverage their industry partnerships with market leaders to integrate highly complex solutions. Our objective is to ensure that all components regardless of make or model work together harmoniously.

  • Wireless Research and Survey

Wireless environments are complex and difficult to predict.  Axus follows proven best practices to design, implement, test and optimize cutting edge wireless networks.  Our streamline process guarantees successful project delivery. We use professional wireless design and survey tools that provide excellent information for our certified wireless engineers to make clever decisions at every project phase.


  • Optimization


We understand the highly dynamic elements that make-up your day.  At Axus we work together with our clients to find areas of opportunity including redundancy, network summarization, firewall rules consolidation/cleaning, and many other sectors. In many instances, we can accomplish objectives without the need to purchase new equipment.


  • Maintenance Plans


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment.  Axus operation managers are trained to work with our clients to deliver the most impactful solutions that ensure proper maintenance of your equipment including IOS upgrade, UPS battery checks, fan filter cleaning, and many other services are offered by Axus to maintain peak infrastructure performance.


  • Relocation


The migration of an environment whether virtual or physical is an ideal opportunity to engage the experts at Axus Technologies.  We work closely with our clients to minimize downtime, coordinate the migration, identify potential pitfalls and restore operations in as quickly a manner as possible.


  • Management and Monitoring


If it has an IP address, Axus can manage and monitor it. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is ready to react to any event that may adversely impact your network. We have designed a model that enables us to respond rapidly to a potential network outage. We can remotely manage your system and perform automated tasks to improve productivity, meet compliance requirements, and detect/resolve network inconsistencies.

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